Lee Westwood’s Birthday Morning After

*I am not a fan of “Gotcha” reporting. It is not my intention to show Lee Westwood in a negative light. Rather, I hope to show everyone a side that Westwood himself showed via Twitter and did so with his usual tongue-in-cheek light-heartedness.*

England’s Lee Westwood turned 40 Wednesday. He received the usual amount of congratulations and ribbing from fellow pros and fans.

Thursday morning he tweeted this:


Beg your pardon, Lee? He went on to explain, with additional commentary by Shane Lowry (remember him? He beat McIlroy in the first round of the WGC-Match Play).


Westy continued:


And now we get some real insights…from both Lee and a twitter follower of his:




And there’s this cheeky reply from Craig Connelly, caddie for Martin Kaymer:




But apparently Lee wasn’t feeling too bad. When asked what he would shoot at Augusta in his current state he was full of confidence:


The good news is that Westy is eating (and drinking coffee) to help him recover:


Lastly a little encouragement from FoxSports.com writer Robert Lusetich:



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