New Nike Commercial, Look Familiar?


Nike Golf (and Nike, in general) has been on the forefront of advertising its products with the athletes who use them. In 1999, a young Tiger Woods was shown repeatedly bouncing a ball off of his wedge. Remember?

Yeah, I said the same thing you just did, “Damn! That commercial was so cool. I remember I was like ‘Whaaaa?!?…Oh my!…Did he just?…’ when I first saw that commercial!”

Well Nike has reincarnated the famous ad with some of the newest members of “Team Swoosh.”

Wait, wait, wait! Where’s Tiger?!?!?

Well, I saw Rory McIlroy, Kyle Stanley, Nick Watney, Suzann Pettersen, Paul Casey and…hmmm, let’s take another look.

Same music, same boucy-wedge trick, NOT the same golfers. (By the way: Rory was about 10 when the original commercial was filmed.) There is a specific reason why Tiger is absent from this spot: It advertises a product he does not use (yet?). The ad is for the Nike RZN (pronounced “Rez-in”) family of golf balls.

(Plug: listen to Rock Ishii, Director of Golf Balls for Nike Golf discuss the RZN family)

All of the players in the video (and most every other player on the Nike Tour staff) uses either the 20XI-s or 20XI-x. Tiger is still using the Nike One Tour D, a ball that was introduced in 2009. While I’m certain Tiger has tested the 20XI balls, he is often slow to change equipment (his sudden 3-wood switch at the Masters notwithstanding).

Either way, this is another home run for Nike Golf’s advertising.


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