Adam Scott Has Been Planning His Masters Win Since High School

This photo was tweeted by Adam Scott’s former swing coach, Claude Harmon III (son of Butch) (no, I mean he’s the son of Butch…Harmon). Harmon sent the tweet shortly after Scott’s playoff victory over Angel Cabrera:



Even as a teenager, Scott knew what he wanted to be, “the best professional golfer in the world.” He’s as close now as he’s ever been in terms of world ranking (3rd, also 3rd in 2008). As far as his standing in the game, it’s not a stretch to say that this is the best position he’s been in.

Of course the standout portion of this photo is Adam’s favourite expression (using the non-American spelling, a challenge for me): “If all else fails, birdie the last.” 

Scott got a chance to live that expression on the 72nd hole with his dramatic birdie. He was able to duplicate it about a half hour later on the second playoff hole to win The Masters. This is just a hunch, but I’ll bet Sunday’s win will replace that World Junior Championship as his Best Achievement.


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