A Tradition Unlike Any Other…


2 responses to “Podcast#9_Masters

  1. We didn’t cover something during our talk yesterday, but I want to mention it now. There is a change that I would like to see the Masters make. Bubba’s shot in sudden death last year notwithstanding, I really don’t like the tournament decided in sudden death. I wish the Masters would follow the lead of the PGA or the Open Championship and have a playoff of several holes. To me the choice is obvious; Amen Corner. A three hole playoff of #’s 11,12, and 13 would be fantastic in my book. They might have to start the final round 30 minute earlier to accommodate the possibility, but I think most people would love to see it.

    • You are absolutely correct on this! An aggregate playoff is surely the best way to decide the tournament. I wouldn’t mind seeing a 4 holer from 15-18 either. But I do love finishing with the risk/reward of #13 after two very difficult holes on 11 and 12. A player who bogeyed either (or both) of those two holes still has a shot if they can eagle 13.

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