Drive, Chip and Putt Championship


In a joint announcement from the Masters Tournament Foundation, United States Golf Association and PGA of America a new junior golf championship was announced Monday, the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship. The event will begin in 2014 with a similar structure to US Open qualifying. There will be 110 local and 10 regional qualifying events throughout the country with four age categories ranging in age from 7-15 for both boys and girls. The finals of the event will be held April 6, 2014 at Augusta National Golf Club and televised on Golf Channel. Registration is free and ends April 30, 2013.

I love everything about this event. I wish that I were young enough to compete. Imagine the opportunity to play and compete at Augusta National. It was also announced that the driving portion of the finals would be held on the driving range at Augusta National while the chipping and putting would take place on the 18th green. When asked if some famous putts from The Masters would be recreated in the contest, Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne smiled and acknowledged that this had already been discussed. Neither USGA President Glen Nager nor PGA of America President Ted Bishop would comment on the question of whether anchored putters would be allowed in the event.


Full details including registration can be found at


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