Even in 2013 I know that some of my readers are not quite as social media savvy as others, and that’s ok, this is a judgement-free zone. But if this story doesn’t make you go and create a Twitter account, I doubt anything ever will.

It all started Thursday, March 28 at about 3pm when Deadspin.com posted this photo of Jason Dufner:

Jason Dufner, Dufnering.

Apparently Duf was spending time at a children’s charity in Dallas as the defending champion of the HP Byron Nelson Classic.

Then Dufner’s fellow tour pro, Keegan Bradley tweeted the image. And the snowball was on its way. Here now is a collection of other tour pros and golf personalities “Dufnering”.

Rory McIlroy was the first to tweet a self-Dufnering photo. He made this cool.

Luke Donald joins the fun.

Kevin Streelman’s dog.

Rickie Fowler Dufnering, notice the “bellypopping” to get that authentic Dufner look. Yes, that’s Bubba Watson next to him.

At this point, Keegan Bradley, the man who called our attention to the original photo tweeted: “Didnt even watch the basketball game was only worried about #dufnering Clearly more important” Clearly, Mr. Bradley has his priorities in line.

Bubba Watson Dufnering in front of The General Lee. Notice the puffed out lower lip to simulate the 1/4 tin of Copenhagen in Dufner’s lip.

Rickie Fowler borrows Caleb Watson’s (Bubba’s son) Radio Flyer to “Dufner”.

LPGA start Sandra Gal gets into the mix with her stuffed rabbit.

At this point let’s collect ourselves and recap:

Dufnering was (and still is at the time of this post) trending on Twitter and Google. Many other “regular” people were also sending in their own pictures Dufnering. But I think Stina Sternberg of Golf Digest put it best with this tweet: “The greatest thing about all the #Dufnering? That most of it was retweeted by Jason Dufner himself. #goodsport

Here is an explanation from the man himself via Twitter: “What can I say, I was tired, my back hurt from sitting on the floor, and we were talking about relaxation and focusing. #dufnering

So let’s all take a lesson from Jason Dufner and take ourselves less seriously. As my mom told me growing up, “you have to be able to laugh at yourself.” Well said, mom, well said.

Here are a few more highlights from Dufnering. For a complete look, go here and laugh your you-know-what off.

One of the BEST Dufnering photos featuring (left-to-right) Keegan Bradley, Dustin Johnson and Brandt Snedeker.

Jason Sobel of Golf Channel summed this photo up best: “Shell Houston Open tee times delayed slightly this morning due to heavy backlog of players dufnering before their rounds.”

And Jason Dufner chimed in with his take on his fellow pros: “All that #dufnering got Rory McIlroy, Keegan Bradley and Dustin Johnson playing the weekend. Brandt Snedeker, more #dufnering practice for you.”

Moving on…

Paula Creamer going for authenticity with a pillow in her shirt (I hope!) and her trademark Pink Panther.

Ian Poulter Dufnering in front of his Ryder Cup trophy case.

Golf Channel’s Win McMurry Dufnering on set.

The man himself! Jason Dufner Dufnering in the Auburn weight room.

Jason Sobel snapped this photo of Jason Kokrak during his post-round interview.


I LOVE this photo of Dan Hicks and Peter Jacobson of NBC Sports in the booth at the Shell Houston Open.

Michelle Wie Dufnering after a day’s worth of practice at the Kraft-Nabisco Championship.

To close out, we’ll examine how far and how deep the Dufnering phenomenon has gone. This is a photo from Paul Campbell, a resident of St. Andrews, Scotland. He and his buddy are Dufnering on the Swilcan Bridge. I’m not sure if Old Tom Morris is rolling over in his grave or rolling on the floor laughing. I hope it’s the latter of the two.





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