Cobra Golf at the PGA Merchandise Show

One of the most colorful and fun booths to visit at the PGA Show was Cobra-Puma‘s. A DJ spinning tunes, Dance-Dance Revolution, colorfully dressed reps and huge pictures of tour staffers Ian Poulter, Rickie Fowler, Jesper Parnevik and Lexi Thompson made Cobra-Puma one of THE places to see at the PGA Show. Enjoy the gallery of Cobra’s clubs for 2013. I guarantee, no other manufacturer is as colorful as Cobra-Puma.

As Company President Bob Philion said “The AMP CELL Driver offers golfers the adjustability, innovation, customization and choice they want but have not been able to get.” He is absolutely right. Cobra’s new MyFly technology allows this driver to be adjusted between 8.5* and 11.5* on draw, neutral or fade settings. The driver also comes in one of four custom colors: Red, Orange, Blue or Silver. Cobra is also using their SmartPad technology to keep the face angle square at address, regardless of the draw, neutral or fade setting of the driver. The Amp Cell driver line also includes a Pro and Offset version.

AmpCellProRed IMG_1154 MyFly Hosel AmpCellOrange

The Amp Cell line continues with the Amp Cell Fairway Woods and Hybrids. These metalwoods offer the same MyFly adjustability with loft and bias (draw, neutral, fade) as well as the SmartPad square face angle as the Amp Cell drivers. The fairways and hybrids are also available in the same color choices, Red, Orange, Blue, Silver, as the driver.

AmpCellHybridB/O AmpCellHybrid AmpCellFWR/S AmpCellFWB/O

Lastly in the Amp Cell line are the irons. Available in the same colors as the woods and hybrids, there are also regular and Pro options for every variety of player. The Amp Cell irons come standard in a 4-G set. The 4 through 7 irons feature the same face technology as the Amp Cell woods for increased distance.

AmpCellIronR AmpCellIronS AmpCellIronO AmpCellIronB

Developed from Rickie Fowler’s prototype irons and with input from Cobra Tour Staffers Ian Poulter and Jonas Blixt as well as Fowler,  The Amp Cell Pro irons come standard in a 3-P set. The longer irons have a cavity back design and transition to a muscleback design in the shorter irons. An all muscleback design is available through custom order as well. These are truly a player’s iron set made of forged carbon steel for exceptional shot-shaping ability.


In addition to the Amp Cell line Cobra will continue with it several other successful lines in 2013. Starting with the ZL (Zero Limits) Encore Driver. Available in Black, White and new Red, the ZL Encore offers adjustability for golfers and has been in the bag of Cobra Staff Pro Ian Poulter since 2011.

ZLEncoreRed ZLDriverWhite ZLEncoreBlack

I could tell you about the Baffler Hybrid Iron Set, but it won’t be nearly as entertaining as John O’Hurley in these ads from Cobra:

Mankind’s Greatest Achievements:

Life Made Easy:


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