Golf Channel’s Ultimate Match Play Championship


We’ve all wondered. We’ve debated on the tee, while lining up a putt, driving in the cart or over drinks at the 19th hole. Who is the greatest of all time (or as the kids say the GOAT)? We wonder how Tiger would have played in a final round shootout with Jack. How Hogan might have fared in a match against Jones.’s staff has come up with their Ultimate Match Play Championship to help provide some answers. Randell Mell has the breakdown of what this is all about…

Yes, the notion of pitting Nicklaus against Jones, or pitting Woods against Hogan, is problematic. There’s no fair way to judge how greatness in one era compares with another – what equipment would they use? – but for those of you outraged that we’re even trying, take a deep breath. Relax. Or bite down hard on something. This is just for fun. This is just a little something to liven the conversation at the water cooler at work on Monday. In movie parlance: suspend your disbelief.

Well put. The GC team chose 16 players for the bracket in this order of seeding:

1) Jack Nicklaus; 2) Tiger Woods; 3) Ben Hogan; 4) Bobby Jones; 5) Sam Snead; 6) Arnold Palmer; 7) Byron Nelson 8) Walter Hagan; 9) Gary Player; 10) Tom Watson; 11) Gene Sarazen; 12) Billy Casper; 13) Lee Trevino; 14) Nick Faldo; 15) Seve Ballesteros; 16) Phil Mickelson

You can vote on the first round matches here

Here are my picks from Round 1:

1) Jack Nicklaus over 16) Phil Mickelson

2) Tiger Woods over 15) Seve Ballesteros

3) Ben Hogan over 14) Nick Faldo

4) Bobby Jones over 13) Lee Trevino

12) Billy Casper over 5) Sam Snead

6) Arnold Palmer over 11) Gene Sarazen

7) Byron Nelson over 10) Tom Watson

9) Gary Player over 8) Walter Hagan


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