Duval Not Returning to Humana

According to David Duval he will not be receiving a sponsor’s invitation to the Humana Challenge in two weeks. Duval tweeted this Monday night:


Why is it any sort of deal (big, little or otherwise) that David Duval, 11 1/2 years removed from his last PGA TOUR win and struggling with injuries and a seemingly lost game since then, would not get a sponsor’s invite to this tournament? Duval gave his reminder with this gem of a tweet:


Hmmm…what defining moment is DD referring to? Oh…that’s right, he shot the first 59 IN A FINAL ROUND of a PGA TOUR event at the then-Bob Hope Classic in 1999. In 2012 The Bob Hope Classic was rebranded The Humana Challenge and the format was tweaked a bit. But this is the same tournament in the same city played on the same courses (mostly) from when Duval won there. Reaction was quick and supportive for Duval from fellow pros and golf media on twitter:

DuvalHumanaReaction DuvalHumanaReaction2

I have to wonder who received a sponsor’s exemption into the tournament to push David Duval out. According to PGATOUR.com the field will be posted Friday after 5pm ET. I’ll check back then, because my curiosity is certainly piqued with this news. I can’t understand why a tournament would decline to invite a player whose performance in said event is still talked about and replayed EVERY YEAR during TV coverage for that tournament. For myself, Duval’s 59 is THE moment at The Hope/Humana. I’m not old enough to remember Bob Hope himself hosting the event (although I do remember George Lopez hosting the event, let’s HOPE that never comes back) and I can picture the Sunday afternoon when I turned on the tournament and was instantly glued to the TV to see if Duval could pull off the incredible feat.

Duval did continue on his Twitter account to accept responsibility for his status (or lack thereof) on TOUR:


Here’s hoping that Duval regains the form he showed in the late 90s and early 2000s; and that The Humana Challenge remembers it’s history should David Duval need to ask for another sponsor’s invitation.


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