Tiger at 37 vs. Jack at 37

Happy Birthday Tiger Woods! The 14-time major champion turns 37 today. This made me think about what Jack Nicklaus did at the same age.

In 1977 Jack finished 2nd at The Masters (to Tom Watson), T10 at the U.S. Open, 2nd at the British Open (to Tom Watson in the epic “Duel in the Sun”) and 3rd at the PGA Championship. That’s an average finish of about 4th. But in ’77 a new challenger CHAMPION emerged in Tom Watson. Do you see the parallel? Rory McIlroy has staked his claim to the thrown once owned by Tiger, just as Watson did to Nicklaus in ’77.  Would anyone be surprised if Rory won two majors this year? Certainly not. Would anyone be surprised if Tiger’s record in the majors this year looked like Jack’s did in ’77? I wouldn’t. And I think we would all be thrilled to see just one, if not two, Rory vs. Tiger showdowns in the majors this year.

So Happy Birthday, Tiger! Here’s hoping you can at least match Jack’s record from 1977, if not improve upon it.


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